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March 15, 2019

Campos World’s Greatest Shave – raising $12,000 to fight blood cancer

Campos Long Island Coffee in Newstead invites the community to join them for happy hour as they take part in the World’s Greatest Shave, where they are raising much needed funds for blood cancer. These coffee crusaders will shave their heads in order to reach their $10,000 goal and will be offering a cheap drinks to all customers attending, which includes beer, wine and Chandon Spritz. They are currently sitting at $5700 and rumour has it that if the Campos team reach their goal, Queensland Directors Eugene Phua and John Ronchi will also shave their heads! If the community would like to donate or check out their status, please visit the website.

That’s right everyone, John and Eugene joined James, Tyson, Manny, Stephen, Vincent, Ian, Jimmi, Willow, Craig, Dwight and Shawn in the #worldsgreatestshave raising $12,000 to fight blood cancer!

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