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April 1, 2022

Cutting Edge Kids Crèche for Immersive play and engaging learning, coming soon to Long Island Brisbane

Children will soon have access to over 200 square metres of indoor play & learning space when the redefined TFP opens this Spring. Designed by Cavcorp in collaboration with the award-winning firm Tiger Play, the dedicated children’s space is creatively themed around exploration. Here, both children and toddlers can enjoy immersive and engaging interactive learning and play, while parents opt for a work-out, group fitness class, or self-care in the state-of-the-art Wellness Centre.

Within the Kids Crèche, colourful images tell the story of their epic journey, inspiring children to engage in imaginative play opportunities with interactive light & sound, and dedicated zones including:

  • Immersive & Interactive design
  • Custom interactive learning games & puzzles
  • Unique pretend play environments
  • Climbing and gross motor play
  • Sports zone with Basketball Net
  • Highly detailed and unique Set-Work

The pandemic-era “work-from-home movement” did more than spark an interest in home offices and homework nooks. It surfaced the need for amenity spaces within Luxury developments that have been adapted for children to use for creative pursuits and virtual learning when they are not able to attend school.

These amenities are helping keep young ones engaged while parents log eight hours’ worth of WFH, and additional hours managing the household.

“The host of spaces will certainly enhance distance learning and offer children the ability to get into the academic mindset outside of their homes,” said Leon McNiece, owner of Total Fusion. “The oversized children’s playroom features a performance stage where they’ll be able to practice reciting play lines or get into character for theatre, while an easel and seating area are perfect for art, math or reading classes.”

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