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February 28, 2022

The Wellness Revolution – A cultural movement, an insatiable appetite and a manifestation of high performance living

Total Fusion Platinum is slicker than your average sweatbox. It adds polish to perspiring, in a lifestyle pocket of Brisbane which is in constant pursuit for perfection. There are cavernous changing rooms with Aesop care products, Technogym skillmills specially designed for its Precision Run interval programme and an immersive spin class specifically tailored to competitive City types.

The custom furnishings throughout the club are upholstered in a sage leather with a neo natural color pallet throughout. The vibe is luxurious, but in a resolutely functional, relentlessly productive way.

The rise of the group workout, club membership and all of the attendant accessories that come with it have become part of the new language of “wellness” and “self-care”. And Total Fusion Platinum was born through an accumulation of exactly this.

Self-care is now considered a luxury indulgence. Today’s consumer has an insatiable appetite for healthy living, or  high-performance living. And that is a dramatic change from 25 years ago. If you were a health nut in 1995, you probably went to the gym twice a week. Today, being a health nut means taking two classes a day. The consumer wants to be healthy and feel good and look good. And you don’t just see it in the fitness category, you see it in beauty and skincare. You see it manifesting itself in so many different ways.

Health is the new wealth, and the experience economy is booming, to say nothing of the $4.5 trillion wellness market, which is enlarging at twice the rate of global economic growth.

Where once consumers looked for acquisitions to express their status, our spending habits are shifting towards more holistic expenditures. In the past 20 years, the leisure industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic, disruptive and fashionable of forces. It’s all part of a new focus on the “lifestyle experience”, a trend that has possessed consumers and found luxury brands spiking with sporty new offerings — sneakers, leggings, apps and accessories — designed to harness the burgeoning market.

Total Fusion’s vision of a high-quality lifestyle brand was therefore remarkably on the money. And they plan to continue to pave this vision to a new cornerstone of wellness which has never been seen before in Australia. TFP and TFP Beyond is the new brainchild between Cavcorp and Total Fusion, set to rival the world’s best fitness clubs.

In Total Fusion parlance, the 4 story centre will include over one hectare of proven immune-enhancing and anti-aging therapies including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), stem cell therapy, hot/cold therapy with snow room; red light and cryo-therapy, altitude training room and cardiovascular machines. The club will also include an in-house medi-spa/day-spa, co-working space, Kids Crèche and Doggy Day Care.

The clubs offering is a collation of a vision to put a greater emphasis on overall health and wellbeing instead of just exercise. “We all know the importance of exercise and nutrition, and now the recovery and wellness space will be where we start seeing huge improvements in our overall health and wellbeing” says the founding director of Total Fusion, Leon McNiece.

“I think you’re going to see there’s continued discretionary income for anything that’s going to help you feel better, look better and have more energy to go about your pursuits.”

With Newstead at the helm of the wellness crucible in Brisbane, it made sense to focus on the flagship and most popular studio for the unprecedented expansion. There are so many complexities and elements to make this type of offering work. Newstead’s professional demographic, urbanity and addiction to perfection has made this possible and it can’t be repeated anywhere else in Australia, if not the world

The offering will be a world first, and McNeice guarantees that there is nothing of this magnitude in any other country. “TFP will be a culmination of 30 years of research, travel and passion for the health and wellness industry…We want this to be an iconic destination  for health and wellness—all in one curated precinct under on exclusive membership”.

TFP is located at 18 Longland St, Newstead within the Long Island Precinct. Stage Two is expected to be completed by mid 2022.

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